Backup for Kubernetes: A Solution to Protect Workload and Applications in Kubernetes

Kubernetes is becoming the de-facto platform for all cloud-native applications. It has crossed the chasm as per the CNCF survey. The number of developers using Kubernetes has grown to 5.6 million, an over 67% increase from the last year. Customers seek a polished, integrated, easy-to-use solution to protect workload and applications deployed in Kubernetes. [...]

2023-11-16T14:56:02+05:30November 16th, 2023|DevOps|0 Comments

Kubernetes Dashboard tool: OpenLens GUI

The Kubernetes Dashboard is a web-based user interface that provides a graphical interface to manage and monitor Kubernetes clusters. Users can view and manage their applications, troubleshoot issues, and access important cluster information. Openlens GUI, also known as Lens, is one of the popular Kubernetes Dashboard tools that provides an enhanced user experience for [...]

2023-10-18T10:21:10+05:30October 18th, 2023|DevOps, IT Automation Tools|0 Comments
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