Monitoring Kubernetes Costs with Kubecost

Kubecost is an open-source tool that helps monitor and manage cost and capacity in the Kubernetes cluster. Kubecost aims to provide visibility into Kubernetes resource usage and associated costs, enabling organizations to optimize spending, allocate resources efficiently, and make informed decisions about infrastructure investments. Features of Kubecost Cost Monitoring and Reporting: Kubecost offers detailed [...]

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Fortifying Kubernetes: Strengthening Security with eBPF

Securing your Kubernetes cluster with eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter) is a powerful approach to strengthen the overall security of your environment. This kernel tool allows users to programmatically extend kernel capabilities without changing the kernel source code. eBPF is a small kernel tool that can run micro mini programs inside the N-hooks of [...]

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Disaster Recovery in GKE: Ensuring Business Continuity

Disasters come in forms that affect your critical workloads and business. It can be in the form of a natural disaster like flooding, fires, or earthquakes. Or can be in a technological disaster, such as power failure, cyber attacks, and data breaches. The disaster recovery scenarios can include human-caused errors such as explosions, terrorist [...]

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Amazon GuardDuty Runtime Monitoring: Enrich Kubernetes Security

As organizations increasingly adopt container orchestration systems like Kubernetes for deploying and managing containerized applications, ensuring the security of these environments becomes paramount. Amazon GuardDuty, a managed threat detection service by AWS, plays a crucial role in enhancing the security posture of AWS accounts. When combined with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), GuardDuty can [...]

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Scaling Kubernetes to the Edge with Azure Arc and AKS Edge Essentials

Scaling Kubernetes to the Edge with Azure Arc and AKS Edge Essentials is a solution that enables running Kubernetes workloads at the edge of your network infrastructure. This solution combines two key components: Azure Arc: Azure Arc is a management platform that allows you to manage resources across multiple environments, including on-premises, multi-cloud, and [...]

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Backup for Kubernetes: A Solution to Protect Workload and Applications in Kubernetes

Kubernetes is becoming the de-facto platform for all cloud-native applications. It has crossed the chasm as per the CNCF survey. The number of developers using Kubernetes has grown to 5.6 million, an over 67% increase from the last year. Customers seek a polished, integrated, easy-to-use solution to protect workload and applications deployed in Kubernetes. [...]

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Kubernetes Dashboard tool: OpenLens GUI

The Kubernetes Dashboard is a web-based user interface that provides a graphical interface to manage and monitor Kubernetes clusters. Users can view and manage their applications, troubleshoot issues, and access important cluster information. Openlens GUI, also known as Lens, is one of the popular Kubernetes Dashboard tools that provides an enhanced user experience for [...]

2023-10-18T10:21:10+05:30October 18th, 2023|DevOps, IT Automation Tools|0 Comments
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