Xieles Support is a provider of reliable and affordable outsourced web hosting support, consisting of 24×7 Technical Support, Remote Server Administration, Server Security, Linux Server Management, Windows Server Management and Helpdesk Management to Web Hosting companies, Data centers and ISPs around the world. We are experts in Linux and Windows Server Administration, Advanced Server Security, Server Security Hardening. Our primary focus is on absolute client satisfaction through sustainable pricing, pro-actively managed services, focus on server security and delightful customer support. When you choose us to support your endeavour as an outsourced server management company, you have no such worries though! For we are one of the leading support service providers to server management companies; offering unparalleled backend framework for small, medium, and large companies in the US.

Web Hosting support can be expensive, time consuming, frustrating and you may end up with inadequate support. By availing technical support from Xieles you can experience the following:

24x7x365 SUPPORT

We have 24×7×365 professional outsourced web hosting support team with unmatched quality that enables you to deliver quality based service. We are bound to deliver what it promises to our customers. Xieles is catering 30+ clients worldwide and is one of the best technical support providers for your web hosting companies. Our expert techs can fix your complicated issues for the most complicated servers quickly and reliably.


The ultimate goal is to satisfy the customer with complete resolution for the issue and providing high-end support. Awarding a delightful experience is our motto. The resolution time, support level are offered at its best. The customer requirements are met and teams/technicians are assigned to meet the purpose. Every technician we hire goes through extensive training and background checks to ensure they deliver a great experience to every clients.


Client needs are addressed and customer retention is made a priority through continually adapting to changes. We understand that our support representatives are here to not only resolve your customer’s issues but represent your brand and company image. Long-term commitment helps to understand the business that client involves, which in turn improves the service provided.


We are aware of our clients needs, which is getting speedy technical resolution. Proper issue handling, fast resolution, prompt response and all time support goes all the way beyond that makes us superior. We continually work on to improve our process and build a robust system to provide utmost customer satisfaction.


Ability to analyze, comprehend and communicate forms the foundation for greater customer support and continuous quality upgrade is made inevitable. We strongly believe in catering to our customers needs as and when they arise, quickly and effectively to achieve client satisfactory level.


Perfect response with proper quality check is one of our major goals for achieving client satisfaction through chats and tickets. Quality is made utmost priority and it has always been a conformance to client requirements. Quality checklist has been integrated to the existing system to ensure 100%.


You can get in touch with our dedicated team of experts for all your solutions and support 24×7. We have technicians who push themselves and want to be challenged every day. All are focused on developing the business and delivering the very best service to clients through leading internet technology.


We commit to provide you with perfect service so that your services are always up and running at an affordable price. All our process are designed with the ultimate aim of enhancing client satisfaction. Our team strives to provide quality technical support and always try to raise our performance bar.


Exclusively Dedicated Team

24×7 Support Coverage

Linux / Windows Experts

Certified Technicians

Starting USD $5000 Per Month


Helpdesk and Livechat Support

Instant Messenger Availability

Certified Technicians

8 hours a day, 5 days a week

USD $600 Per Month


Helpdesk and Livechat Support

Instant Messenger Availability

Certified Technicians

8 hours a day, 5 days a week

USD $800 Per Month


Helpdesk and Livechat Support

Instant Messenger Availability

Certified Technicians

8 hours a day, 5 days a week

USD $1200 Per Month


We had one of our Datacentres move a machine requiring a power down. It was used to supply many Virtual Machines to many clients worldwide. The Virtual machines did not reboot correctly so off to the Virtual software providers support team to assist. They could not sort out their own product after many hours.
So Xieles who also support our many clients 24/7 as first-line support plus Level 3 technical support went to work to find the problem which they did and then fixed it. That is true support and better than the supplier who asked us to provide the fix back to them.

John Morch, EBox Limited
We use Xieles along side our internal support team to help provide customers will the best support possible and we are very pleased with Xieles. They have listened to us when we had feedback and they keep working hard to be better which is what you want to see from a company. They do keep to their agreements and response times to ensure customers are updated asap on any issues they might be having.
Jonathon Lucas, Hostmedia UK
“They handle everything polite and professional, I can stress up a bit when server goes down and I don’t know where to look, because I haven’t been involved in installing hardening, but everything was solved smoothly and I had time to stress down, when the techs solved the issue…”
Stefan Mannian, XBTHOST
I – and escNorge as a company – would like to thank you at Xieles for your support through the past couple of years. You are listening, your response are fast – and you make problems and issues understandable, with respect and patience. Now, with help for a new site and server configuration, our sites are running faster and better than ever.
Eivind M. Saetre, escNorge
I have ordered the semi-dedicated team from them 15 days ago. Until now I am very satisfied. They gave me an outstanding support. I was moving one server to another and I have about 20 accounts with errors and they solve it all in a very quick way. They are available to chat on MSN or by phone.
Paulo Santos, 1000 Megabytes