Just as in life, security becomes the most difficult point of weakness to say especially your own. The good thing is that our company will scrutinize and pinpoint every flaw in your system because that is our job. When you know your vulnerabilities – and how the attackers could abuse them – is one of the best tips you can possess when improving your security systems and programs. That also shows us, that our Penetration Testing Services team are up to simulating an Ideal-world attack on your connections, devices, applications, and human to ascertain the level of security in your entire infrastructure and they will also show you what it takes to make it stable. That said, remember our objective is to secure your system and never to highlight your weaknesses. When we help your enterprises Secure IT Systems from malware that continues to be on the rise, evolve and become even more unbeatable. It is not something to do with if a company gets attacked, but rather when and with what repercussions. The cost that goes towards a cyber-attack has been approximated to cost $250 billion, with company suffering losses in reputation, intellectual property, finances, stock value and more.

With so many threats in the vicinity and the potential of unbearable consequences, how does a company get through this ever-changing landscape and face the compliance and security concerns that are so significant?

We have helped to secure the business environments with trust and confidence over the past two decades. Some of the most security compliant firms in the government and IT department, bank on us to improve their data security.

We offer a range of services from audit and assessments, cloud security, cyber security, consultation support, continuous monitoring of cyber security testing.


Could you use a skilled partner to show you how it’s done? Currently, Cyber security space has become so complicated. We are the trusted consulting company that provide expert security strategy as well as advice and including situation response planning, enterprise security, program management, security strategy and policy consultation.

Our consulting help services include:

Situation Response Planning

We mitigate the damage and lower the costs and recovery time after the security of your system is compromised. We can help establish an initial situation response capability, tune an existing capability or supplement your situation response team with targeted security expertise.

Cloud Security Planning

We develop a business cloud security planning to ensure risk management and oversight. Our cloud experts can help come up with a high-level security strategy roadmap to help you successfully achieve your cloud security needs.

Procedure Development and Policy

We ensure systems remain objective to safety goals and provide a progressive management. We review your existing systems, identify loop-holes and fill those holes while the documentation remains relevant, in alignment and understandable with the regulatory goals.

Process Safety Program Management

We combine information-driven risk management capabilities with Industrial and technical operational experience to help customers mitigate their exposure to security hazards using proven and practical risk-based decision-making methods. We work with our worldwide customers to understand and lower their risk profiles, train personnel, confirm compliance with existing and impending regulatory requirements, optimize insurance expenditures, and understand cyber risk.


If you need an unbiased and objective expert and a nonpartisan analysis of your security systems, then look no far. We provide non-biased assessments of the safety system of the enterprise security system. We make it possible for organizations to successfully get through complex regulatory landscapes and provide personalized, risk-based answers to your unique needs.

Our full suite of audit and evaluation services come with:


We provide evaluation services to be at per with Federal Data Security Management Act (FISMA) Authorization needs. Our professions provide support, including controls mapping, documentation development for a system security plan (SSP) and security testing.

Cloud Security

We perform a risk evaluation and mitigate your cloud security risk and potential threats. We help secure your environment with trust by evaluating your current security criteria, identifying existing vulnerabilities and providing a report of actionable recommendations.


We help organizations to go about and align the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) procedures all the way through to getting an Authorization to Operate (ATO). We guide organizations through an organized and cost-friendly path to acquiring the ATO, and we provide an efficient continuous follow-up program to help maintain the certification over time.


We evaluate the defense data systems according to the Risk Management Framework (RMF) DoD IT measures. We assess and keep in check the selected for Department of Defense (DoD) framework as per the agency and RMF processes, provide remediation assistance and move forward to the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) recommendation of the system.


We support organizations in improving data security and strengthening risk control processes as per the Risk Management Framework (RMF)/National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) structures. We help organizations implement precise cyber security risk control by leveraging on the NIST/RMF structure.

PCI DSS Compliance

We assist in ensuring organizations are compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We provide an in-depth PCI DSS compliance services to show you how to navigate the many complications of using and handling credit card payments.


Our cyber security testing services mitigate risk by assuring that your enterprise systems and data are secure. As part of the trials, we deliver a brief report on the clear set of findings and the recommendations for improvement, with an emphasis on actionable breach non-occurrence. We prove a range of services, including application security, vulnerability evaluation, and penetration testing to enhance the organization’s security position.

Our team specializes in cyber security testing, that includes:

Penetration Trials

Implement deliberate attacks to the trial system

Integrity Risk Assessments

Perform scans on systems to identify the risk level of an Application

Security Testing

Detect security holes in software and applications


Timely identification of weaknesses or problems and quick corrective measures can help lower the cost of any required periodic regulatory, financial and operational reviews to a reasonable level. That is the benefit of continuous monitoring – moving from periodic reports to real-time security monitoring to minimize security threats and help ensure compliance.