Control panels are necessary in order to manage Virtualization and Cloud Platforms. They provide a web-based interface which has the capability to manage the underlying hypervisor behemoth. These control panels provides an elegant solution to manage your servers with our premium support assistance. We are experts in most of the famous and powerful control panels, since we have years of experience working with such various control panels. Most of these control panels are paid and fortunately there are few open source control panels which are available for free. You can call us for any assistance you may have on managing control panels.


SolusVM is a powerful VPS management system which allows to manage Xen, OpenVZ and KVM virtual machines from a central point of control.


Virtualizor is a VPS Management Panel that supports number of different Virtualization techniques such as OpenVZ, XEN Para virtualization, XEN HVM and Linux-KVM virtualization. This control panel maintains a WHMCS Module for the automation of Creating VPS and managing VPS through WHMCS ticketing or billing tool.


Proxmox is a virtualization management solution, based on KVM virtualization