VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is a unified Software Define Data Centre (SDDC) platform that integrates vSAN, VMware vSphere, and NSX virtualization technologies. It is optimized to run on a very flexible, dedicated, bare-metal Amazon Web Services infrastructure and offers a variety of AWS services including functionalities, elasticity, and security. The vSphere allows administrators to operate [...]

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Installing Asterisk PBX 13 on CentOS

Asterisk is an open source framework to set up communications over IP phones. Asterisk software coverts the normal server for communications servers. It supports VoIP gateways, conference servers. Nowadays most of the businesses organisation and government agencies & call centres using Asterisk as their communications platform. Mainly asterisk voice quality is amazing with latest [...]

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VMware NSX Overview: Security Use Case

VMware NSX is as a product of the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) which provides a network virtualization platform that uses micro-segmentation to define fine-grained security in the data center. Virtualization with NSX duplicates Layer 2 to Layer 7 of the Networking model which allows for complex and multiple tier network topologies setups in [...]

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VMware vSphere High Availability

vSphere HA is a recommended low-cost ESX’s feature that monitors virtual machines in a resource pool and detects downtime. In cases of downtimes, it powers on the virtual machines using resources on another host within the same cluster. The powering on is possible since the virtual machine disk (VMDK) are all kept within a [...]

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Restore Acronis Backup to Vmware vCloud

Migrating a 500 GB dedicated cPanel server within 30 Minutes! Do you think it's possible folks? Yeah, Acronis can do this for you, Let's see how we can do that. For doing the migration you need 1. Acronis backup solution 2. VMware vCloud Firstly I would like to share few benefits of Acronis, Acronis [...]

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5 Benefits of Performing Security Audits on Your Servers

Past December, South Korea-based Cryptocurrency exchange Youbit shut down its door after it was hit by a cyber-attack (for the second time in 8 months). Only a week back, a Japanese Cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck was hacked, costing it more than $534 million. These instances of cyber-terrorism are not just limited to the crypto-community. The number [...]

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7 Benefits of Outsourcing NOC Services

For large companies, even a minute-long server downtime can stretch losses to millions of dollars. While the extent is relatively smaller for small businesses, it’s no less critical. Such errors in the IT department can jeopardize the entire functioning – and at times, the existence – of businesses. Meaning to say, indeed there’s a [...]

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6 Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing Web Hosting Support

Let's jump to the back-story first... As lucrative as it is, running an online-centric company isn't easy. Technologies change and glitches cause obstructions. And this eventually shoots in the way of delivering customers world-class services and experience. One of the first few "obstructions" that many businesses imminently encounter on the way is in the web [...]

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Top 5 Server Management Trends to watch out for in 2018

Server management isn’t what it once used to be. Companies have their entire business run in digital sphere these days. Meaning, their needs and requirements are much higher. To that, the increasing instances of cyber attacks have also brought about major concerns on the security end. The infrastructure now needs to be more robust [...]

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Effective Server Management Strategy: 6 Killer Tips

Did you know if Facebook went down, it would lose $24,420 per minute? According to a 2016 IHS report, information and communication technology downtime is costing American organizations more than $700 billion every year. These numbers and countless instances very well edify the real significance of not only leveraging the most advanced server but [...]

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