Petya Ransomware

Petya ransomware derived its name from the movie, Golden Eye, a 1995 James Bond flick. It was first discovered in 2016, as member of encrypting ransomware. Its primary targets are Microsoft Windows-based systems. It prevents Windows from booting by corrupting the master boot record and encrypts a victim’s hard drive’s file system through the [...]

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Wannacry – The nightmare for vulnerable windows systems

Currently, one of the hot topics in the digital world has Wannacry Ransomware. This name had been spreading like wild fire, and the reason for it was that ransomware had been the most pervasive cyber threat since 2005. Interestingly, the first ransomware in history emerged in 1989 (that's 27 years ago) by the name [...]

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Detect Windows SMB Vulnerability Using Metasploit Framework

At the time of this writing, the for MS17-010 exploit for metasploit framework is still in development. The copy can be seen at and This serves as a purpose in order to test if any of your windows servers are still vulnerable to this hack. Metasploit Framework is a handy tool for [...]

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Shopify App Development

Shopify is a fast-growing online e-Commerce platform. A Shopify user can create online stores to sell his/her goods and services. An advantage of Shopify is that, unlike many other e-commerce platforms, we don't need to install anything ourself. All shopify stores are hosted by shopify itself. What is a Shopify App? A [...]

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Developing Extensions in Magento 2

Magento2 is the latest version of a very popular e-Commerce platform. It is estimated that one in four eCommerce businesses today are using Magento software. Magento provides flexibility and adaptability with the changing customer needs to customize our platform in order to create a unique layout and brand experiences. What is a module? A [...]

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Managing WordPress Using WP-CLI

Every wordpress user loves wordpress’ admin interface. Entire wordpress installation can be managed in one interface. Plugin installation, configuration, updates etc can all be managed from one single interface. What if there is a command line interface for the WP admin functions? That is what exactly provided by WP-CLI. Users with shell skills will love [...]

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Configure Voipfone in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS using Asterisk 11

Few days back, I created an account at for VOIP service. I chose Asterisk 11 as it is stable and comes with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. The installation and configuration of voipfone service in Asterisk is relatively easy. Install asterisk apt-get install asterisk All configuration files of asterisk are in /etc/asterisk directory. The important files [...]

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Dirty COW Vulnerability ( CVE-2016-5195 )

A nine year old local privilege escalation vulnerability has been reported in linux kernel. All linux distribution are reportedly affected by this. In redhat/centos 5, 6 and 7, the way to identify the affected or unpatched system is like below. $ wget $ bash An official version of the patch is not yet [...]

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Reset/Re-sync MySQL Master Slave Replication

Master/Slave Concept: While hosting a website, the database is of utmost importance as a small glitch in the database can make or break the whole website. Hence, we look for different ways to keep the database secured. One of the common methods used is the MySQL master-slave replication. The Master-slave data replication allows data to [...]

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