VMware Monitoring with SolarWinds

Server virtualisation has become a norm in many organisations whether small or big enterprise. Virtual machines running in today’s infrastructure are revenue generating, tier 1 where most critical applications cannot afford to go down or degraded. In this article, we will discuss how to install SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 8.2, configuration and how to perform VMware monitoring [...]

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VMware restore with Veeam Backup and Replication

Backup and recovery of a virtual machine can be a daunting task. Veeam Backup and replication provides an efficient way to backup, restore and replicate data across multiple storage locations. Veeam Backup and replication has moved from just a backup tool to an availability tool. It enables backup of virtual, cloud and physical server backups [...]

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Website Vulnerability Scanner

To counter the rising threat of cyber attacks and web vulnerabilities, Xieles introduces a free-to-use Website Vulnerability Scanner to help business owners stay at the top of their game at the security end. In its continuous pursuit to redefine the digital space, Xieles has introduced a one-of-a-kind Website Vulnerability Scanner that provides seamless scanning [...]

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DRaaS in VMware Cloud on AWS

Overview VMware Site Recovery uses VMware Site Recovery Manager and vSphere Replication. Enabling Site recovery add-on triggers automatic installation and configuration in VMware Cloud on AWS. To allow this at a customer site: VMware Site Recovery Manager installed on a Microsoft Windows server vSphere Replication deployed as an appliance both at recovery and [...]

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VMWare Automation Tools

"Will automation replace today’s system administrators? Well, it is the skilful use of these tools that will foster their credibility." Introduction Virtualization is meant to ease the life of a system administrator, physical and hardware infrastructure that created a lot of bottlenecks have been eliminated over the years. However, [...]

VMware Cloud on AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS is a unified Software Define Data Centre (SDDC) platform that integrates vSAN, VMware vSphere, and NSX virtualization technologies. It is optimized to run on a very flexible, dedicated, bare-metal Amazon Web Services infrastructure and offers a variety of AWS services including functionalities, elasticity, and security. The vSphere allows administrators to operate [...]

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Installing Asterisk PBX 13 on CentOS

Asterisk is an open source framework to set up communications over IP phones. Asterisk software coverts the normal server for communications servers. It supports VoIP gateways, conference servers. Nowadays most of the businesses organisation and government agencies & call centres using Asterisk as their communications platform. Mainly asterisk voice quality is amazing with latest [...]

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VMware NSX Overview: Security Use Case

VMware NSX is as a product of the Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) which provides a network virtualization platform that uses micro-segmentation to define fine-grained security in the data center. Virtualization with NSX duplicates Layer 2 to Layer 7 of the Networking model which allows for complex and multiple tier network topologies setups in [...]

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VMware vSphere High Availability

vSphere HA is a recommended low-cost ESX’s feature that monitors virtual machines in a resource pool and detects downtime. In cases of downtimes, it powers on the virtual machines using resources on another host within the same cluster. The powering on is possible since the virtual machine disk (VMDK) are all kept within a [...]

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Restore Acronis Backup to Vmware vCloud

Migrating a 500 GB dedicated cPanel server within 30 Minutes! Do you think it's possible folks? Yeah, Acronis can do this for you, Let's see how we can do that. For doing the migration you need 1. Acronis backup solution 2. VMware vCloud Firstly I would like to share few benefits of Acronis, Acronis [...]

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