In case you’re not sure what WHMCS is about, it’s proper we first examine the meaning. It stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. As implied, it is about creating solutions for web host billing and automation platform needs. It simply means the WHMCS is a program that allows web hosting businesses a single centralized platform to manage operations more efficiently and effectively.

WHMCS program provides billing and support solutions to numerous online businesses. It practically handles all client needs from signup to provisioning as well as management, support and account termination.


WHMCS Installation

One good feature about WHMCS is that it is actually a self-hosted platform; this means you have absolute control over the installation and customer data. However, it is encouraged to enlist professional support to guide you through the installation. Our company can help you get the following services done at minimal cost: installing the core software, the initial configuration of your system, setting up top level domain (TLD) pricing and domain register, setting up and configuring payment gateways, setting up the Cron Task Automation, Setting up email piping and support departments amongst others.

WHMCS Optimization

WHMCS would normally run on most web servers that have MySQL and PHP installed on them. It is important to note that while there are minimum system requirements that will just enable the WHMCS to run, there are more upgraded options that will enhance the performance of the program. It is our job to help you choose a combination of these requirements in a manner that is tailored to your pocket size. Through a fully personalized service, we ensure that we walk you through what will specifically work out fine for you and not just what works for everyone.

WHMCS Theme Design

You can actually customize the installation to match the rest of your website. It is important that your theme design matches the taste of your clients. As simple as this seems though, it is usually hard to figure out the ideal customization path for your business on your own. However, with our years of experience on the job, we can relieve you of this headache and your business is set to go for an awesome turnaround.

WHMCS Integrations

WHMCS integrates effortlessly with several of your desired applications. There is a growing list of apps and third party services that WHMCS have integrations with. Using the WHMCS API, you can perform actions and operations from external third party and custom code within WHMCS. It is important to choose only the integrations that are needed to enhance your own line of business, in order not to get your clients confused. You can rely on us to enable industry specific integration models for you.

WHMCS Module Development

Whether your need is provisioning module or add-on module or registrar module and even the gateway module, our company will get you started with what module gives your website additional functionality at each point in time.

WHMCS Consulting

Our company provides a dependable consultancy services for your WHMCS solutions. We have the required staff strength to ensure we personalize services rendered to each of our client. We operate round the clock to ensure there is prompt response to whatever needs our global client base have at any point in time. You do not want to be left stranded on that integration issues that need urgent fixing.


Xieles Support is your trusted partner when it has to do with WHMCS development services. Our company guarantees you the best user experience in terms of regular updates, removed domain names resolver, add-ons and options, security of your business, real time client support, among others. Give us a call at Xieles Support today and let’s start your journey to a wonderful WHMCS experience together. We provide comprehensive WHMCS management services and whatever your objectives are we will help you achieve them.