It is a virtual machine manager which help us to use multiple operating system on a single hardware device. You can connect with our  experts to get the best solution for any issue related to your hypervisors.


It provides a physical server that can run various independent OS instances (also known as containers), VPS’s and/or Virtual Environments (VE’s)OpenVZ uses a single patched Linux kernel and therefore can run only Linux.


It is a virtualization platform for Linux and uses much more total resources when compared with our OpenVZ hosting option. However, it alternatively offers what are known as soft memory limits. Xen can be used for both linux and Windows.


Kernal based Virtual Machine is a  hypervisor technology and uses much more total resources when compared to other hypervisor technologies.


Hyper-V is a visualization based on windows server where you can create and manage virtual machines. Hyper-V enables you to perform all the work on a single physical server platform.


Server Migration and Backup

Virtual server migrations need to be done carefully and with proper understanding of existing infrastructure. We help you to tackle the issues of downtime and data loss during the migration, reducing the workload as possible. We also help setting up and managing the backups for the VM’s in the hypervisor.

Fix server and Vms

We help you in fixing storage issues, database errors, resource related issues etc using proper diagnosing and troubleshooting methods. Our team gets the issue fixed immediately to make sure that system is not affected .

Always awake to keep an eye

Monitoring is a method of server maintenance. Our engineers help you maintain the performance of the server with effective monitoring tools. We can never predict when a issue can occur, it may be with the hard disk or any other infrastructure level failure. So, our 24×7 expertise will keep on monitoring and communicate with you effectively and efficiently to keep your servers up and running.

Analyze and Upgrade VM resources

We are here to help you with your resource upgrade when and wherever required. With increasing traffic, the server’s resources needs to be upgraded accordingly. We analyse the server and let you know about the need. Our team also helps you to get this done in all possible ways.