WordPress powers almost 27 percentage of the entire internet. There is no doubt that it is the most popular content management system in the world. If you aren’t already leveraging the rich features of this CMS and its community of developers, you’re ridding yourself a great deal of usability and simplicity. So, whether you’re planning to build a website or already have a website, jump ship to WordPress, Today. Take hands of Xieles.

If you’re reading this without hassles, it is partly due to the fact that you can navigate through this site with relative ease. You might also love the attractiveness of the page design and the orderliness in the contents outline. This gives you a practical idea of what the WordPress CMS has to offer.

From individuals to businesses to governments, a website is needed to project image and services businesses render to a global audience, a functional one at that. With the proliferation of websites scattered across the internet, it is important to present visitors with pages that are pleasing to the eye and easy for them to interact with. It is important too for the website owner to find it easy to operate. One of the generally accepted platforms to build the website upon is the WordPress.

Millions across the world trust and use WordPress. Simply put, it remains the web’s most widely used Content Management System (CMS) for managing website contents, it supports over 60 million websites and still counting, the reason is not far-fetched; WordPress goes beyond just mere blogging. It allows for much flexibility, ease content management and publishing, your work comes out organized and compact with Word Press, this gives you optimal results.

WordPress also allows users to set up a fledging e-commerce website. It can as well help create lead generation sites and brochure sites for advertising what your business has to offer. The possibilities with WordPress are almost limitless.


WordPress Plugins Development

This feature has an amazing array of benefits. Will you like to have a Facebook fan box, twitter feed, video gallery, an event calendar and other amazing attractions on your website? It is our job to get that done for you. There are thousands of plugins available to you on the WordPress platform. However, WordPress Plugins might just be as complicated as they are easy to add on, depending on the goal to be achieved. Our company is there to help you ease this process.

WordPress Theme Development

Seeing the same type of old-fashioned theme design on a website can really be a put-off. We understand the need to welcome visitors to your website with a colourful and inviting theme? With a directory of thousands of themes, our company gives you bountiful options to choose from, different from the two default themes that normally come along at the initial phase. A WordPress theme can give your website a unique look, make available alternative templates for peculiar website features like a search result page, and swiftly navigate between two site layouts. You can trust us to give you that perfect theme.

WordPress Migrations

Just as the name suggests, this function exists to allow you to migrate your WordPress website alongside the database, themes, plugins and media files. Think of what it is like when you have to change residence- simply gruelling and tiresome, right! That moment you just wish there were some magic you could conjure to move everything over to your new location, it can be so on your website migration needs too. You do not have to worry any longer; our company enables seamless migrations on your WordPress website at a cost that leaves no hole in your pocket. Either you are changing your domain name or copying your website unto a new host, we simply take care of it for you.

Support and Maintenance

One of the key challenges to managing a website is devoting the right amount of time needed keep it up and running. With several other daily tasks competing for attention, it might not be easy to make out that time so badly required, things can go south eventually. It is therefore pertinent to get professional support and maintenance expert. Our company provides such services as site backups, WordPress updates (core, theme and plugins), security and quick fixes. We have the experts to handle them all just right.

WordPress Security Hardening

It is important to bear in mind that security is not a one off event; it is a continuous process. Security in Computer and internet terms hardly translates to absolute risk elimination. It would be safe to rather term it risk reduction. Security is hardly a trivial issue. However, as security measures are developed and improved upon, so also are threats to security getting more real and threatening. It is a never ending battle. Many businesses with online presence often get burnt due to a poor security structure. This is why hardening your security on your website should be paramount to you. Part of our core duty is to ensure your website security is top notch always.


A key argument for enlisting professional help will be that you need as much time as you can have to create unique and marketable blog contents. You don’t want your blog to lack fresh contents and bore your visitors away. Why bother yourself with the technicalities of keeping your site up and running, when you can allow us handle it just as efficiently and effectively? If your website is developed upon the right foundations, it will more likely meet up with modern search engine standards – YOU STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME.

Generally, engaging our company’s services will provide you extra benefits such as:

  • Give uniqueness to your WordPress website

  • Provide a pleasing user experience to your audience

  • Ensure a high performance in all ramifications

  • Give you cause to worry less over errors and bugs

  • Give you access to all the full functionality of your WordPress site

  • Make the management of your site seamless and exciting

  • Boost your Search Engine Optimization control


This is a very crucial decision for your business. You do not want get into a partnership that holds back the development of your business. At Xieles Support, we are seasoned professionals that place a high premium on quality and excellence. The success of your website is our own success story. We offer you a personalized service that ensures we are there with you at every step of the way.

We welcome you to do business with us at Xieles Support to experience a truly amazing service. From our unique Custom WordPress design to our Custom development package and maximal optimization of WordPress SEO, clients are assured of an excellent WordPress development support service in the long haul. Give us a try today and get maximum value for money!