We have been using Xieles to help boost their support team for over 3 years and having tried multiple companies beforehand, are pleased to say that we have found the right fit for our needs. Utilising both full time and after-hours support, we are able to fill the internal gaps that our current internal staffing levels are unable to provide for. The techs dedication to the job, skill level and continuous support from the management team have ensured ongoing success for the company and we look forward to working with Xieles in the years to come.

– Michael Lindemann, Director of Operations at Incus Technologies London Limited

As a long time forum lurker, back in April, I found myself needing some development work done prior to launching my VPS company. I spoke with several companies who do custom development work. I chose Xieles due to the confidence of what I’ve seen here on WHT, but also from the communication from pre-sales was comforting. Needless to say I am very glad that I did. I needed a custom bash script to be developed for my servers. I outlined my requirements as best as I could, and they were extremely quick on turn-around, and capable of filling in the blanks for what I needed. I have worked with other development and server management companies in the past, and I’m typically used to things taking a while, so I was very surprised with the fast turn-around and the exceptional quality of their work. Something that a lot of the other companies (I am not going to name any names) they did not seem confident in the pre-sales process and was not willing to make any guarantees on time frames or delivery of work. I’ve worked with other outsourcing companies in the past from Eastern Europe, India and China and the best experience I ever had was “OK” – I would without a doubt hire Xieles again and would definitely say this was a positive change for me. This is my new go-to company for development and server management needs based upon this excellent experience I had with them.

 I am so impressed with their professionalism, turnaround, and quality of work that I am now about to launch my VPS company and working out the details of hiring them for their managed server services as well. They understood what I was trying to communicate, and delivered exactly what I needed.

Thank you Xieles, and WHT.


They handle everything polite and professional, I can stress up a bit when server goes down and I don’t know where to look, because I haven’t been involved in installing hardening, but everything was solved smoothly and I had time to stress down, when the techs solved the issue.

They are always polite and profewionaleven that I can be hard and stressed, (So keep that in mind :)? I have uses a couple of servermanagemnt/helpdesk teams earlier but always ended that I kicked them away from the servers, it took ages before they responded and when they got to action I had to correct them all the time, I am no expert but I have used cpanel/linux/unix servers since 2001. No I can relax a bit instead.

I think that you guys are the best

Stefan Manninen, XbtHost

I have been running a shared hosting business for a little more than a year, and before I had my datacenter managing my dedicated server, but I was not satisfied, and had to look elsewhere – I found Xieles Support, and want to write a short recommendation of them because I am so very very happy with their service.

I have been a customer for about two months. And last night I asked them to upgrade my server from mod_php to suphp. My server is already in production with shared hosting clients, so after upgrading they would need to change file permissions, ownerships, move php_flags from .htaccess to php.ini files, and much more. They did it all, and they did a perfect job! They worked all night upgrading my server to suphp and fixing problems on my clients sites afterwards. Before my clients wake up this morning, all their sites was working perfect again, running php as suphp!

Also, on my request, they have installed ffmpeg and mod h264, and fixed problems created by my previous service provider, and also helped me out with every question I have asked them.

When I first became a customer, they also did a very good (and most needed) job on hardening my server making it more secure. And every week I get server checks and updates, and they send me a nice PDF report.

When I contact them, they response is very fast, usually within 5 to 10 minutes! I have never waited longer then 15 minutes for a response! And they have always solved my problem or installed software that I requested within 60 minutes! I have contacted them both at day time and night time, and they are always ready to help me!

For the first time after starting my hosting business, I actual feel safe! With that I mean that my server is supervised and managed by specialist and always updated, and that if I need any help with anything, they are only 5 minutes away!

I would recommend Xieles Support both for one time jobs, and for server management: http://xieles.com


 To OP: Try Xieles.com, they actually helped me with Nginx right now. I asked them to replaced Apache with Nginx few weeks ago and the server has been running smoothly. Occasionally I have some questions about Ngnix and they always answered me within 10 mins, as opposed to 30 mins that they claimed.

Right now they’re helping me with the FLV file anti-leeching since Ngnix doesn’t support mod rewrite like Apache. You should give them a try, wonderful folks.


Hey, I am just reviewing Xieles Support. I usually don’t write reviews but these guys well deserve it.

I’ve been with Xieles since around New Years so more than 6 months now. And I came across these guys in my search to find a new group to offer technical support because the previous people I used were unprofessional and there service wasn’t great.

Anyways, with Xieles, I’ve never had any problems. They respond to support tickets quick and they monitor your server and make sure that its in good working order. They also don’t just strictly do support for your clients, but you can ask them to do pretty much anything on the server for you ask well. You just shoot them and email to their Support Dept and they’ll have you covered. They keep you and your clients happy and stress-free, and their prices are very affordable. You really can’t complain with them. Furthermore, I also like how they also provide you with weekly reports on your server with information on usage, downtime, load and things like that.

Xieles is amazing. There’s really nothing much I can ask for. I give them three thumbs up.


Great all round server support company

We use Xieles along side our internal support team to help provide customers will the best support possible and we are very pleased with Xieles. They have listened to us when we had feedback and they keep working hard to be better which is what you want to see from a company. They do keep to their agreements and response times to ensure customers are updated asap on any issues they might be having.

We will be increasing our use of Xieles as our internal team grows to ensure we have the perfect balance.

Highly recommend Xieles Support.

Jonathon Lucas, Company Director, Hostmedia UK

 Thanks to xieles.com !

The guys have done the work and handled it very professionally and answered all my questions !!

very nice work, thanks again!


 I am running a shared webhosting business, and for the last 8 months I have been using Xieles support at http://www.xieles.com for server management, and I feel strongly about making a review of them here at Webhostingtalk, because I am so very very pleased with them!

At first when I entered the webhosting business almost two years ago, I was paying my datacenter for server management, but was not happy with the response time on support.

Then one day, by a lucky accident I discovered that my datacenter used Xieles support to manage problems I reported on my server, my DC did not tell my about it, but I discovered it by a coincidence when Xieles support sent a test email to my server while fixing a email related problem. Looking at the email domain name, I found them.

I then signed up for server management at Xieles, and today, after being a customer there for about 8 months, I must say this was one of the best decision I have ever made for my business.

They have always made sure my server is secure and running without any problems, and have always answered my tickets within 5 to 15 minutes! They are very skilled, and have always done a fantastic job when I ask them to install or fix something.

More recently, just three days ago, I moved my shared webhosting clients to a new server in a new datacenter, which required new IPs on my server and name servers. I discussed the transfer with Xieles before we started, and then they just did the most amazing job migrating all my shared hosting clients to my new server and datacenter.

And they did the migration in a way so that there was less then one hour downtime! And today, after the server move to my new datacenter, everything is setup perfectly! All my old custom settings, applications and configurations on my old server, was tweaked to work the same way on my new server.

It was a gigantic job, and it is amazing that they could take all the time planning the job with me in advance in such a way that everything just worked out perfectly when doing the actual transfer to new server and datacenter.

I want to recommend Xieles support to anybody that need server management, they have never let me down. I am so very very happy with them, and feel very safe and in control of my server. Check them out at http://www.xieles.com

I must also say that I am a control freak, and in such a way I can be a very demanding client, but still they are always ready to help me out when I ask them to do something for me, and the result have until today always been perfect. Because of them, I am able to offer very stable and reliable service to all my hosting clients.


I – and escNorge as a company – would like to thank you at Xieles for your support through the past couple of years. You are listening, your response are fast – and you make problems and issues understandable, with respect and patience. Now, with help for a new site and server configuration, our sites are running faster and better than ever.

Eivind M. Saetre, escNorge


I have ordered the semi-dedicated team from them 15 days ago.

Until now I am very satisfied. They gave me an outstanding support.

I was moving one server to another and I have about 20 accounts with errors and they solve it all in a very quick way.
They are available to chat on MSN or by phone.

I get answers 24 hours a day.
The ticket system is easy but very efficient. I just would like that i can close a ticket with just one click.
When you place lots of tickets usually you will get answers from 2 or 3 different persons at the same time.
Until now i didn’t get any dumb answer.

They have placed my servers with nagios monitoring and send me detailed reports about the servers.

This is my second multi server support. Before i have used 4 or 5 different support companies but on a server by server basis.

The true is that even some points that i usually deal with i am leaving them to do it as they are so efficient.

Thank you,

Paulo Santos

PS: they have even offered 7 days of free services. They have been so efficient that after 2 or 3 days i sign up. They deserve the money well.