In today’s scenario, technology has really made our lives very easy. With almost everything available online your product purchase has simplified many times. Though this is a win-win situation for the consumers, what about the businesses handling all the processes? Almost every product purchase associates with it vital information like credit card details, user information and patent details. One small breach of security and all this information is at the mercy of hackers who can then utilize them for their own ulterior motives. While the business then suffers from loss of financial reputation, some important business functions are also drastically affected.

In the first quarter of 2017 alone nearly 79,209,775 URL’s were identified as being malicious and harmful to the security systems. Ransom ware attacks also increased this year with nearly 240,799 computers getting affected by it. At the rate at which cybercrimes are growing by 2021 they are going to cost the world nearly $6 trillion annually which is an alarming figure.  Most businesses want to save themselves from any such attack and are hence looking for viable alternatives to combat it.


A pivotal tool in information security vulnerability assessment helps to discover the glitches in your system. This would further reduce any chance of any attacker being able to enter your system. Apart from this, a Vulnerability assessment service provides a business the below mentioned benefits.

  • Protects the business from content piracy.
  • Identifies potential security risks and eliminates existing ones
  • Makes it easier to get future success
  • Helps managers and executives to manage the business’s security policy proactively.


We at Xieles Support provide vulnerability assessment services which are capable of analyzing all the vulnerabilities and exposures that your internal and external infrastructure may be subjected to. Our dedicated approach towards the job ensures that you and your data are protected from any kind of malware attacks. Established in the year 2009, our 8 years of experience has led us to make clients for a lifetime.

Xieles Support has a dedicated team of skilled personnel who have been trained to provide comprehensive security solutions to more than 100 clients. These personnel not only tell you strategies to protect your information but also make sure that these strategies are implemented well.

We have a systematic approach to guiding you the right path when it comes to devising a complete security solution for your business. Our methodology is to analyze your systems well and understand where there are loopholes which can be breached. In addition, we also help you in making your data actionable. We at Xieles Support provide you a risk score which analyses your exploitability, malware exposure, and vulnerability.

This gives you a fair idea of where your systems are lacking and need to be updated to save them from any potential onslaughts. The next step for you then becomes to find out how these flaws can be safely eradicated to ensure that you get smooth business operations.

Not only that our services allow you to provide all the important information to the right people in your team. We allow you to create required filters in the reports so that each team member gets to see the same as per the team they are working with. There is a customizable and easy to use dashboard which makes these reports a convenient way to comprehend your weaknesses. It also reduces the chances of you getting affected by any future virus attacks making your operation processes safe and secure.


Xieles Support provide you comprehensive vulnerability assessment services but that is only a small part of our attack and penetration offerings. We aim to make you understand how an attacker’s mind would work. This helps you in uncover all those weaknesses in your system that can be exploited. Apart from that we also guide you by providing you ideas to mediate and hence reduce the effect that such attacks can have on your business. Our other services include:

  • Going out of the traditional security patterns to find out what can stimulate a breach of your security systems. We also uncover those points of weaknesses which other security modules would not be ever able to find.
  • We also organize risk validation services where through a penetration test we find the level at which your security systems are.  This allows you to get an idea of where your current standing is and how much effort needs to be made to ensure fool proof safety.
  • Xieles Support also analyse each of your security controls, technologies and procedures. This gives us a clear idea of where the points of failure lie and how best to overcome them.
  • Discovering the vulnerabilities in your system and then ranking them as per their seriousness. It allows you to assess which threats require immediate attention and need to be addressed immediately. The least important ones can also be understood and focused on later to receive a flawless security system.
  • Threat modeling allows us to prioritize the existing resources you have at the moment to optimize them and hence enhance the security processes. A highly complex process threat modeling requires professionals to be truly updated about the current threat conditions. We at Xieles Support are equipped to do just that.

In the present times, the number of threats to internal security has increased manifold. In such a scenario it becomes crucial for organizations to be proactive in their approach to protect their security processes. Vulnerability assessment services are a unique and progressive method to save yourself from any such attacks and hence save yourself a lot of trouble.

Xieles Support security services with its vast experience have always made sure that its clients are never subjected to the trauma of a security breach. It is this approach of ours which has made our existing client base be satisfied with our work and also refer us further.

A security breach however small it may be can cause a lot of damage in terms of your reputation and operations disturbance and we understand that clearly. Contact us to know more about how we can help you overcome this unknown fear of a malware attack on your systems. We have always provided the best quality customizable solutions to all our clients and we shall do that for you as well.

Your business needs a secured system to avoid being disturbed by anyone. Get in touch with us to know the different kinds of services we can provide you to make that happen.