We help in the development, enhancement and maintenance for various web applications and Content Management Systems which can help your website to get a good foundation.


Wordpress is considered the most versatile content management system due to its flexibility, popularity and its easiness to use. It is open source and is also very simple. If you need to set up a wordpress site, we have an experienced bunch of  techs to help you with this. Feature extensions are also made possible using Plugins.


It is considered to be the world’s largest e-commerce Platform. It is preferred over others due to its expandability ,scalability and flexibility. The software provides transaction solutions,search engine optimization, stock management tools etc.


It is a commonly used CMS  and it requires technical know-how. Joomla is easy to install and  extensions are categorized into components, Plugins,templates ,modules and languages where each one differs in function and capability.


It is a choice for Enterprise level websites and web applications. Database is upgradable but  upgrading versions are intensive .It is a developer-friendly tool and generates complex and advanced sites.


PHP is the most utilized scripting language in Web Development and powers 70% of the websites out there. Xieles offers business solutions that enable you to operate in a resourceful manner and helps you to achieve your organizational goals effectively.


.NET platform contains an ASP.NET development framework which is one of the core technologies used for Web Application development within our company. We have the knowledge and know-how to resolve the  complex .NET websites so that our clients can trust us without a second thought.


Themes and plugins

Customization helps the customers to tailor the websites for their particular needs. The custom features need to be updated periodically so as to  prevent the website from malware attacks and spams. We help you keep the website intact and in good health without affecting its functionality.

Website designing

Building and rebuilding  of websites keeps them in spotlight and thus a compelling design really matters. Our well experienced team of developers and designers create a great environment for websites by choosing perfect design. It creates a visual treat and makes it appealing for the potential customers.

Website changes 

Changes are inevitable to keep the business competitive. Bug fixes can be a tiring task and we provide solution for it. We are here to modify ,fix and  incorporate varying requirements of customers with no hassle.

Performance optimization

Good website performance is an all time need of customers. We carry out website optimization by rendering various techniques for improving performance. This being a vital part of web development, we work on identifying the performance issues in the site, as a team.

Backup & Maintenance

Improper maintenance of the site may expose the website to various imperfections. Every site should go through a routine maintenance process to stay in the loop. We help you keep the websites stable by configuring frequent backups and with routine maintenance and always treat it as a chore.