Working remotely isn’t new for many; rather it has emerged as the only work mode at the time of global health crisis. The SME’s to Multinationals largely promote this idea as they prioritize the workforce health and safety over the business policies and workflow disruptions.

The proactive and widespread move by the organizations has enabled them to achieve sustainability and ensured business continuity. However, change in workplace and schedules can put many off the track, and the pace by which they bounce back measures the skill namely adaptability.

Pros and cons of new work-life – How to deal with it?

While employees try to embrace transition, the time management turns out to be the most critical factor as the work may often get hindered due to innumerous reasons. In fact, motivating and supporting the workforce to accelerate productivity and to prepare them to cope up with the emergency of being affected by the pandemic is important. These are done through webinars/meetings which are indispensable for any business.

By the way, it is significant to have foresight and abstinence from all possible distractions, when one has to set off the full-time remote work. If one can set the boundaries of distraction, work would be immensely enjoyable.

New kind of work-life balance turns to a real challenge at these challenging times. However, the greatest perk of remote work is the freedom and flexibility it offers. The employee would be able to enjoy the beauty of the new world only if workdays are properly structured. The momentum of the work is to be maintained by accentuating the values even during the toughest phase of work life.


Managing and guiding teams have turned to a cumbersome task during these circumstances. However, encouraging the team to deliver best while comprehending and compromising on virtual technology limitations are highly paramount. The employees may be slacking off with new workspace and it may be by irregular sleep patterns, different work environment, stress levels and much more. Conversely, adopting a perfect workspace and schedule would act as a deterrent for all possible shortcomings and enable them to achieve optimum productivity levels.

The new home office may even take many people to a new work attitude. Eventually, the new work environment creates change in their work approach. Survey says telecommuting gives better employee output and business results. But, the downside may be ineffective communication that leads to underperformance, at least in specific cases.

How to get relieved from such exasperating moments? Taking regular breaks in work would place them at ease and devoid from erring. Hence, introducing a healthy work routine and trying to recreate the office life by chatting with colleagues and doing more would make one feel rejuvenated. The power of optimism will make each one focus on prime skills required to experience the new space. Even the after-work hours can be used to scale up one’s knowledge level and would ultimately result in improved performance.

Reopening and Redesigning work space


Return-to-work is imminent and not too far for any. Undoubtedly, the aftermath of the crisis would be complex and also be the greatest challenge which most of the business might have ever seen. Operations are expected to possibly resume normally once the stay home orders are lifted, that too doing everything by keeping the employee safety first.

In such a hapless scenario, employee health is more prior than anything, as Organizations have no existence without them. Following steps to be considered to keep the person and place in good state:

  • Open communication with stakeholders and giving due relevance to their physical health.
  • Tracking of employee health status and creating heightened awareness on all prominent aspects.
  • Gaining employee confidence and employee readiness to get back to space.
  • Creating an inclusive work environment

The situation of ambiguity has now redefined work life and work environment. Now, brick-and-motor setup is getting associated more with hygiene and social distancing which will be continued until norms are relaxed. The interpersonal skills and traditional mode of work have taken a back seat at least for a period of time. In fact, it’s undebatable that healthy employee relationships always keeps one motivated and place one away from unproductive steps.

Full office occupancy is a far dream to achieve and organizations having being realized it, are definitely aiming at viable options for the return-to-work. Providing technical support for remote work is what matters now. More to it, using and having various communication platforms to bring employees together is helping the organizations in a great way. At this time, empathetic approach and motivational talks by the employer may create a new face to the company, a new work approach by the employee.

We, as part of Industry

In the wake of the shutdown, the IT world could quickly shift and respond to the new work mode in no time and thus safeguarded $180 billion Indian IT Industry from damages. Now, companies started laying out long term plans for this model and are checking it’s viability for a better future.

We being the topnotch Server Support provider, switched into new mode fortnight by rendering support to the team in various forms. It was done by setting up virtual networks and providing logistic aid in the form of laptops and more to avoid the discontinuity in the business process. Furthermore, we provided client support in the most secure manner, wherein data security was a key criterion for an organization which bills as ISO certified (in Information security).

Thus, we ensured Cybersecurity by all possible means and privacy by connecting only through VPN. More to it, meetings and seminars paved and played a pivotal role in team collaboration through effective and protective communication platforms. In conclusion, like all, we hope to see this change to bring greater throughput in every business process and domain.


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