A business needs robust infrastructure for hosting and maintaining Magento e-commerce stores, and Magento does not provide 24×7 support services. Agility and flexibility are crucial for any Magento e-commerce store, and to run a successful Magento e-commerce store, you need a well-configured server with specific technologies. Although you can choose to host your Magento store yourself, it will consume time and require hefty investments and efforts. Other than that, the onus to manage daily backups, updates, server, performance, and security lies on you.

Through this article, we will discuss the need for 24×7 server management and the benefits offered by Magento support services.

Managed Magento service providers offer 24×7 server management and software management services. They have experts who work continuously to ensure that your eCommerce store runs optimally. Moreover, the benefits of managed Magento include server management, performance, scalability, security, and easy migration.

24×7 server management eliminates the technical and maintenance work and allows you to focus on growing your business efficiently. Here are some of the benefits of server management:

• Specialist Support

While hosting a Magento eCommerce website, several things can go haywire. For example, integration errors, server misconfigurations, excessive third-party apps, disabled caching, etc., all of which can be demanding and daunting.

Having 24×7 server management for your Magento eCommerce enables you to gain access to experts who can easily manage your Magento infrastructure. The experts assist you in building your Magento web stack, setting up web servers, SSL securities, firewalls, and configuration of cache systems, and much more. In case of any unexpected issues, the server management company identifies and resolves the problem effectively.

• Operational Support

To ensure your Magento eCommerce website is secure and gives superior performance, you will need operational and maintenance support from experts. Server management service providers offer complete operational reliability, and the server administrators troubleshoot all maintenance issues in a short span of time. If you do not have a 24×7 server management service, you will be required to take charge of all technical aspects, and it will add to your workloads. Having 24×7 server management will eliminate backend tasks, and it will free your resources and provide you with more time on-hands to focus on your core business. In addition, managed magento will also offer you additional tools like advanced cache management, firewalls, logging management, etc.

• Monitoring

Downtime impacts any business badly. Therefore companies need to monitor the systems 24×7. Managed Magento offers you continuous monitoring, and they take a proactive approach to identify and resolve issues. 24×7 server management also ensures the servers are up and running and provide exceptional performance. Managed Magento also provides robust control panels that offer you access to various metrics such as bandwidth, disk space, CPU usage, memory. Moreover, it also provides real-time monitoring and troubleshooting and excellent log management solutions.

• Security

Ecommerce stores are vulnerable to cyberattacks such as security breaches, data breaches, phishing, etc. Magento e-commerce stores need to continuously identify and safeguard themselves from security threats such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, spamming, malware and ransomware, phishing, and e-skimming. 24×7 server management companies offer high security; they continuously scan and strengthen your defense against attacks and provide you with server-side security patches. In addition, 24×7 server management allows you to operate with confidence, and it combines 99.9% uptime with high performance, event response, and site monitoring. With managed Magento server management, you do not have to worry about your e-commerce website’s performance or security.

• Optimization and Performance

For any Magento e-commerce store, page load time is very crucial. Poor e-commerce store speed will increase your bounce rate and abandonment rates and will impact your business badly. Managed Magento offers dedicated resources to deliver superior performance. A simple and robust CDN and built-in full-page cache management system are built to provide reliable hosting and deliver higher performance. 24×7 server management offers you solutions for optimal performance, blazing fast speed, and a better consumer experience.

• Scalability

Through 24×7 server management, get the agility you need and allow you to scale as your business grows. Moreover, managed Magento e-commerce hosting gives you the flexibility to grow and scale while providing you with dedicated infrastructure.

Scalability is of utmost importance for Magneto e-commerce stores. 24×7 server management not only provides you continuous uptime but also enables you to scale globally and be compliant. In addition, auto-scaling offered by managed Magento service providers allows you to handle traffic peaks effectively and grow your business. Moreover, it lets you upscale or downscale resources as per your business requirements.

• Reduce Time And Save Costs

You can host a Magento e-commerce store on your own, but it might not be cost-effective in the long run as you will have to hire full-time technical support staff. On the other hand, Managed Magento provider will offer you an expert team and a suite of managed Magento services. The experts can identify and resolve all issues and reduce downtime and save you money.

• Global Infrastructure

Magento is an open-source platform offering businesses many features and functionalities. To make the most out of these features and functionalities, you will require a flexible and resilient infrastructure. Through 24×7 server management services, you can take advantage of the latest hosting technologies and global infrastructure that not only help you scale but are highly cost-effective. In addition, a reliable and global platform allows for a high-performing e-commerce website that is highly responsive and fast.


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