Technology has changed the ways businesses function, and IT infrastructure has become the foundation of every business. Technology has taken over all aspects of a modern enterprise, be it customer service to operations to security. Technology has not only increased the efficiency of business operations but has also added security and simplified operations. Companies also need to maintain and update the infrastructure to remain competitive constantly, and an important way to do this is by maintaining and managing the enterprise servers. Through enterprise server management, businesses can ensure the longevity and efficiency of servers.

But the question that comes up is what is enterprise server management and how it can transform your business and why companies must manage their servers through an enterprise server management plan? Let us look at this one by one.

Enterprise Server

Information technology has become the backbone of organizations. It has integrated all functions across the company and is known as enterprise systems. An enterprise Server, in simple words, is a computer server that comprises programs that together serve specific needs. An organization has several needs, and various departments work in an organization for several purposes. Earlier, computers that were the size of the mainframe were used as an enterprise servers. But today, servers with a UNIX platform or Wintel computers are called enterprise servers because of their ability to manage enterprise-wide programs. These devices have become a popular choice as enterprise servers because they are smaller in size and can provide reliability, speed, accuracy. As the use of servers by enterprises is continuously on the rise, so is the need to manage them effectively. Thus an enterprise server is a combination of computer hardware and software referred to as an operating system.

Enterprise Server Management

Enterprise server management refers to updating, inspecting, and troubleshooting the servers of an organization regularly. Every enterprise has different servers to fulfill its purpose and specific protocols. These servers require frequent monitoring, maintenance, and management; doing this is called Enterprise Server Management.

Under enterprise server management, the following features of a server are inspected:

  • Remote management tools
  • Storage space available on the server
  • RAM Usage
  • CPU usage
  • Efficiency and functioning of the software

Enterprise server management also covers backups, changes in passwords, conducting security checks to ensure data security, monitoring user accounts that access server. Based on the requirements and activities of an organization, the experts determine whether the access granted to any user account needs to change or whether the user accounts need to be added or deleted. As a business grows, its requirements will also change, and the enterprise servers will need to be reconfigured and upgraded or to be replaced by new servers.

In short, enterprise server management includes server setup, continuous upgrading, regular maintenance, and security measures.

Who Needs Server Management

Every organization needs enterprise server management as every business will deploy servers as per their specific business requirements. Once your company has installed servers, you will need enterprise server management. Enterprise server management not only improves efficiency it also increases the longevity and durability of the servers. Several tools can streamline the maintenance and updating process. So irrespective of the size of the business, every business benefits from enterprise server management.

Ways Enterprise Server Management Can Transform Your Business

Enterprise server management offers many advantages to a business. It accomplishes tasks such as improving the efficiency of operations, providing a highly secured platform for data, constant upgrading and regular maintenance of servers, improving scalability while remaining competitive.

Enterprise server management addresses all issues like technical concerns, security updates, reducing server downtime, performing regular checks, maintaining, managing, and monitoring servers, etc. All these tasks are critical to ensure the smooth functioning of your system. If technical concerns are not identified and resolved accurately, a business may face systemic failure. In this age of digitization, no company can afford downtimes and security breaches as they cost a company in terms of money, time, and brand value. Therefore, businesses need to have an enterprise server management system.

Through enterprise server management, businesses get daily and weekly security checks and upgrades, 24×7 server monitoring, initial server hardening, daily log monitoring using log analyzer, supported cloud servers and virtualization platform, supported control panels, 10 minute reaction time for monitoring alerts, two-hour resolution time, support for all Linux and Windows platforms, complete server administration, continuous security monitoring and compliance, 24×7 support, and coverage.

Through enterprise server management, the data and information are centralized on servers. It further allows the creation of more agile and efficient processes and increases performance and productivity. Enterprise servers are highly suitable for business management and transform the way information is organized, data is shared, security, and management of IT. Companies must have a vigorous server management routine. Through enterprise server management, businesses can ensure periodic maintenance of servers, eliminate problems, and optimize processes. Server management also ensures the technology is constantly updated. Through enterprise server management, you can reduce the downtime and be sure that the business continuity remains unaffected.


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