Network Operation Centre (NOC) is a centralized location from where network monitoring and control are exercised over a computer network or telecommunications infrastructure. NOC oversees complex networking environments, and NOC staff is responsible for monitoring, managing the network, database, servers, devices and firewalls and other related external services and responding to alerts on the network’s availability and performance. The NOC can either be located on-premises or with a cloud-based provider.

Let us discuss the benefits of outsourcing Network Operations Centre and why should you outsource the NOC support services:

In this digital era, every business is dependent on IT infrastructure. Any server downtime or poor network performance can cost companies millions of dollars. Thus companies outsource their IT management to Network Operations Centre, where qualified technicians supervise, monitor and manage the network 24/7. Outsourcing Network Operations Centre ensures the network is up and runs smoothly and efficiently without any interruption. If any issue is detected in servers, the IT staff will resolve it instantly.

Here are some benefits of outsourcing Network Operations Centre:

24/7 Support

IT infrastructure is complex, and any issue needs to be detected and resolved quickly for smooth functioning. Maintaining an in-house support team 24/7 can be costly for companies, and outsourcing offers an advantage here. Outsourced NOC provider has highly skilled and qualified staff who provides consistent solutions and round-the-clock monitoring. In addition, they identify and resolve any issue swiftly.

 Greater Control Over IT Costs

One of the main advantages of outsourcing NOC is the cost advantage. Outsourcing NOC will decrease your network operations cost and the costs of hiring and training the staff. Neither do you incur any expense on maintaining, upgrading, servicing and repairing the equipment. Outsourcing lets you close a skill or resource gap and offers scalability, enabling companies to get access to state-of-the-art technology and skills at a lesser cost in comparison to an in-house NOC. By outsourcing Network Operations Centre, you get a highly skilled team and robust infrastructure with the latest technology.

Focus On Business Priorities

Another benefit of outsourcing the Network Operations Centre is that you can focus on your core business and still have the best infrastructure and IT resources. In addition, when you outsource, you no longer have to worry about infrastructure, administrative overheads, and HR costs. The NOC service provider offers you reliable and quality service and enables you to focus on your core business.

Less Downtime

Network monitoring is complex and needs proactive monitoring to ensure early problem detection. The outsourced NOC service team ensures that all hardware, software, network and systems are up and running. In a third-party NOC, the skilled staff continuously monitors your network and responds with agility in case of failure, and as a result, you have less downtime.

Enhanced Security And Compliance

Constant and careful monitoring and strict compliance are the only ways to secure a network fully. The outsourced NOC service provider has the expertise and technology to maintain the highest level of security. Moreover, rules on privacy and data storage are ever-changing and meeting these might not be easy for a company internally, but outsourced NOC service providers have a strict compliance policy. Therefore, there are some inherent security advantages when it comes to the outsourced Network Operations Centre model.

Protection From Network and Cyber Attacks

Network and cyber-attacks are continuously on the rise, and many companies become victims of these attacks. Such attacks pose threats to the security of business and data. Therefore, it is crucial to take proactive measures to overcome such threats and safeguard the business as well as customer and business data. The trained IT staff of the outsourced Network Operations Centre can monitor and remedy such threats. The outsourced Network Centre service provider offers the highest level of security and can mitigate these threats.

Administrative Task And Reporting In Real-Time

The outsourced Network Operations Centre service providers offer end-to-end solutions and have also started providing real-time administering tasks and on-demand reports.

Latest Infrastructure With Highest Quality

Businesses need robust and advanced infrastructure, and building it in-house requires hefty investments. In addition, the highest-quality infrastructure is necessary for superior performance, and NOC service providers offer the latest tools, technologies, hardware and software. Third-party Network Operations Centre provides you with advanced and up-to-date infrastructure and technologies that would help you in accelerating business growth.

Customization Option As Per Your Business Needs

Every business differs, and so does its needs. The outsourced Network Operations Centre offer customized solutions to businesses. They offer tailor-made services and also provide need-based assistance.


With the growth in your business, your infrastructural needs will also increase, and the outsourced Network Operations Centre will enable you to scale rapidly. The third-party NOC service providers allow for easy scalability and let you respond to your infrastructure needs. They are dynamic and provide you with resources to let you scale quickly.

Access To Specialist Expertise

Outsourced NOC service providers have qualified and proficient experts with in-depth industry knowledge and experience in maintaining and managing IT infrastructure. In addition, highly trained and skilled engineers provide you with end-to-end network solutions that are customized according to your needs.

Summing Up:

A Network Operations Centre is a centralized location where networking monitoring and control are exercised over the network infrastructure. It is crucial for any business, but it requires 24/7 monitoring, IT staff, hefty investments in infrastructure. Having a Network Operations Centre in-house can increase your costs and stress. Outsourcing NOC is considered the best option when you have limited in-house resources.

As third-party NOC service providers, we offer you expertise, flexibility, and resources on demand. Our outsourced Network Operations Centre enables you to expand and stay competitive and at the same time lets you increase your productivity, generate more revenues and reduce your IT expenses.

So outsource your Network Operations Centre to us, and stop worrying about downtimes or breakdowns as our experts will identify and resolve issues even before you come to know about them. As a NOC service provider, we offer high-quality end-to-end solutions that are customized as per your needs and can be easily scaled at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house Network Operations Centre.