Installation and configuration of MariaDB MaxScale 22.08 on Centos 7

MariaDB ColumnStore is a powerful extension for MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB Community Server that provides distributed, columnar storage and massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities. ColumnStore extends MariaDB Enterprise Server with distributed storage and parallel processing, enabling scalable and high-performance analytics. It stores data in horizontal and vertical partitions, eliminating the need for indexing [...]

Fixing the DMARC fail error

The DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) fail error occurs when an email fails DMARC authentication. DMARC is an email validation system that helps prevent email spoofing and phishing attacks by verifying the authenticity of the sending domain. When the receiving email server has determined that the email does not pass the DMARC [...]

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Is an increase in server speed directly proportional to revenue?

In the fast pacing, ever-changing world, it is important to speed up business processes accordingly. Otherwise, the opportunity can be snatched away by the competitors. When it comes to businesses, a rather slow pace might cost a huge sum of money as time is money. The server response time explains how much time is [...]

How to ensure a problem-free server migration?

Businesses have many legitimate reasons to migrate servers, such as to make their IT systems more efficient, increased capacity, better performance, outgrown the hosting plan, or many other reasons. Let us discuss server migration and how to ensure a smooth and problem-free migration of a server. Server Migration Migration of servers is the process [...]

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Advantages of Dedicated IT Support Team In Data Center

In this digital world, if your company's IT infrastructure fails, it can cause downtime and impact your business negatively, such as tarnish your brand image and loss of revenue. To avoid this, organizations need to have dedicated IT support staff to handle their IT infrastructure and ensure it operates smoothly, efficiently, and has maximum uptime. [...]

Why Should You Outsource Your NOC Support Services

Network Operation Centre (NOC) is a centralized location from where network monitoring and control are exercised over a computer network or telecommunications infrastructure. NOC oversees complex networking environments, and NOC staff is responsible for monitoring, managing the network, database, servers, devices and firewalls and other related external services and responding to alerts on the [...]

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Why Enterprise Server Management is advised for Enterprises?

The business world is moving at an unimaginable pace. Technology has transformed the way businesses and enterprises function and has added security and simplicity to operations. Whatever may be the size of your enterprise, the efficiency of your operations and your infrastructure should be constantly maintained if you want to be at par with [...]

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Why cPanel server management is best for you?

If you are a web host the chances are that you will be having quite many cPanel/WHM servers. Managing those servers alone or using an in-house team of technician will be a cumbersome task for any web host. It is expensive too. Not every company has the budget to hire skilled IT workers who [...]

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Significance of cloud server management

The internet has become the new business hub, and organizations have been moving their business data to cloud servers. This has made cloud server management very important to ensure a convenient, smooth, and secure cloud environment. Cloud server management involves the monitoring and management of a private cloud server by a third-party service provider. [...]

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Best cPanel Alternatives

The new pricing from cPanel has made several server owners to think about switching to alternate web hosting control panels. When there is a number of alternatives with almost matching features and support functionality from our team, why should a business entity stick on to one control panel provider? Cpanel has changed their plan [...]

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