Installation and configuration of MariaDB MaxScale 22.08 on Centos 7

MariaDB ColumnStore is a powerful extension for MariaDB Enterprise Server and MariaDB Community Server that provides distributed, columnar storage and massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities. ColumnStore extends MariaDB Enterprise Server with distributed storage and parallel processing, enabling scalable and high-performance analytics. It stores data in horizontal and vertical partitions, eliminating the need for indexing [...]

Installation and configuration of MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6 on CentOS 7

MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.6 is the latest version of the MariaDB Enterprise Server. It introduces several new features and enhancements. One notable feature is the introduction of atomic Data Definition Language (DDL) statements, which ensures DDL statements executed are as atomic operations. If a DDL statement is unsuccessful, the operation will be rolled back [...]

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Is an increase in server speed directly proportional to revenue?

In the fast pacing, ever-changing world, it is important to speed up business processes accordingly. Otherwise, the opportunity can be snatched away by the competitors. When it comes to businesses, a rather slow pace might cost a huge sum of money as time is money. The server response time explains how much time is [...]

Advantages of Dedicated IT Support Team In Data Center

In this digital world, if your company's IT infrastructure fails, it can cause downtime and impact your business negatively, such as tarnish your brand image and loss of revenue. To avoid this, organizations need to have dedicated IT support staff to handle their IT infrastructure and ensure it operates smoothly, efficiently, and has maximum uptime. [...]

Overcome your server issues with outsourced server management

Servers are the base of online businesses. Your online customer will not have a smooth experience if your server is not an able one. To run the business efficiently, you need the assistance of a good Server Management company that can resolve all your server glitches with their expert team. Understanding the concept The services of [...]

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Cloud Monitoring Tools

As there are more potential benefits of moving an infrastructure to the cloud, there is a significant rise in the adoption of cloud monitoring and management tools. These tools help businesses manage cloud operations seamlessly and deliver uninterrupted cloud services to the end users. A very few advantages of Cloud monitoring tools are as [...]

Case Study: Varnish Load Balancer for 1 Million Visitors

Recently, we had to setup Varnish load balancer for a website having 1 Million visitors per day. Provisioning load balancer based on this scale is a challenging task. We need to do several benchmarking tests in order to reach our optimum solution. Let us see how we did the load balancer setup for supporting [...]

Case Study: WebSockets with AWS Autoscaling

Customer Problem The client was facing frequent downtime and heavy resource usages on his website hosted in Amazon AWS instance. So he needs to ensure High Availability ( HA ) for his website. The client's requirement was to setup a loadbalancer to ensure high avaliablity and also he needed caching for faster content [...]

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VMware Backup with Veeam Backup and Replication

Veeam Backup and Replication is a tool used as a backup and availability solution for VMware, Hyper-V and physical servers with Windows or Linux as the guest OS. It is a flexible and reliable backup and recovery solution for virtualised data and application level like Active Directory and SQL server. Veeam is used as [...]

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PowerDNS Authoritative Server with DNSSEC

PowerDNS is a free and open source DNS server with great features. The GUI is very handy and easy to manage. It has commands to manipulate the DNS records and zones. It supports all Linux platforms. Let's see how to install PowerDNS authoritative server with DNSSEC. You need a fresh Linux server. Recommended configuration - [...]

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