For large companies, even a minute-long server downtime can stretch losses to millions of dollars. While the extent is relatively smaller for small businesses, it’s no less critical. Such errors in the IT department can jeopardize the entire functioning – and at times, the existence – of businesses. Meaning to say, indeed there’s a big room to commit mistakes. But business owners must put forth their best foot ahead to assure no glitch in administrating, monitoring and maintaining their network infrastructure. Here are the 7 benefits of outsourcing NOC services.

This whole situation of extreme cascading effect and ultra-competitive market in nearly every industry has increased the relevance of outsourcing NOC services. Because let’s admit it, even with large budget, employing in-house infrastructure doesn’t fall in line with desired efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the business owners.

If you own a business, in fact, even you’re better off outsourcing a good Network Operations Center than burning your pockets to put up your own in-house infrastructure. Here are 7 benefits of outsourcing NOC services provider:

1. Shield from all types of network attack

This is possibly the biggest benefit of outsourcing NOC services — maximum security. These are uncertain times with network attacks rising by every passing day. And even big companies are falling victim to it. To not just safeguard your business operation abut also to protect the data of your customers, it is imperative that you take proactive measures to counter such threats and hold head high with the best security measures. Top NOC services are usually in sync with such industry-developments and armed with the right techniques to provide business owners highest possible security.

2. End-to-end solution

Managing, maintaining and troubleshooting the networking infrastructure has plenty of unknotted loops. Meaning to say, one needs to span their attention to various ends to ensure, collectively, everything is running smooth. This, often, is not possible due to lack of resources; small businesses, in particular, lack necessary budget, cannot always employ so many types of experts. On the other hand, this thing becomes much relaxing with a NOC service provider who, with a large team, offers end to end solution. The right outsourced company can streamline all your various technologies, from the optical fibre to wireless to applications, with effectively managing and maintaining techniques.

3. 24/7 Network Monitoring

Problems don’t come knocking and announcing. Things can turn bad anytime. To stay on the safe line and for proper functioning, business owners must be ready to swiftly identify and tackle such problems. This demands to keep a team on toes round the clock. This, again, is easier said than done. Plus, it might not be a cost-effective move either. Come on, keeping a team of experts active 24/7, that looks more of an expense than an investment. A good NOC services provider can play a messiah here. Usually packing a large team of qualified professionals, they can provide a consistent solution with round-the-clock monitoring. Meaning, even before any problem that may come, they would identify and solve it easily with no lag.

4. Real-time administering and reporting

Many companies choose to establish their own networking infrastructure, even when it means burning their pockets. They do this, believing administering everything in the center would become much easier, and that they could get real-time reporting. Indeed, this brings convenience in streamlining the operational and strategic end with technical department. However, in recent times, many top NOC service providers have upscale their game. Not only are they offering end-to-end solution but also providing real-time administering and on-demand reporting. This, in itself, has significantly increased their demand, making even the large corporate houses turn their way.

5. Advanced and up-to-date infrastructure

To ensure everything in the networking end is top-notch, one needs the infrastructure of equally superior quality and performance. And needless to say, installing new tools and equipment, and updating the old ones, brings an endless bill. Again, a not very smart decision from the financial perspective! Were it not important, companies could have easily avoided this hefty investment. But with all that’s at stake, employing the latest infrastructure is no less than essential. This is where reputed NOC services provider gets an edge. Majority of them, committed to providing clients with the best solution, typically use advanced and most updated tools, software and hardware.

6. Highly proficient and experienced experts

There’s a difference between professionals and experts. Experts tout high proficiency and experience, guaranteeing swift execution of every strategy. Given they have high credibility and command more authority in their niche, they also demand an above-par salary. Hiring them can put up a big dent on your entire budget. To that, the entire recruitment process could be quite a big hassle — bigger if they end up hiring the wrong kind of expert. On the other hand, you will usually find renowned NOC services provider pack highly qualified and proficient experts who have unparalleled experience in this industry. They assure you superior and custom solutions for all your needs and requirements.

7. Tailor-made need-based assistance

Different businesses have different requirements. In this scene, there’s no fit-all solution. Keeping this in mind, many of the prominent Network Operations Centers are not only providing tailor-made services but also plugging need-based assistance in their list of services. If you’re looking for incident management, problem and request management or custom backup services, your outsourced experts can aid you wherever and however you need them. So if you have encountered any abrupt problem or things have gone bad on the server, or you require any standalone service, these NOC service providers have got you covered on every front.

In short, the right kind of NOC service providers will significantly impact your business’s finance, save you immensely from every end, every month. At the same time, they can enable the best networking solution for you, custom planned to fit in your unique business needs and demands. Your entire system remains fully secured, delivering best possible performance with high uptime and real-time reporting. So give up all the hassle of administering and maintaining your networking infrastructure. Do it much easily efficiently and affordably with a good NOC service provider by your side.