SolusVM is a powerful VPS management system which allows to manage Xen, OpenVZ and KVM virtual machines from a central point of control.

Our Support Services Includes

  • Installing Master/Slave Nodes, Configuration and integratation into SolusVM

  • Hardware Node/VPS Management

  • Security Updates and Patches

  • Migration of Nodes/VPS

  • SolusVM Updates

  • SolusVM Template Management

  • Slave Addition/Removal

  • Server Optimization and Tweaks

  • Adding IP blocks, Syncing ISO Files and Images/Templates

  • Configuring Bridge Networks in Xen, KVM nodes and Enabling IPv6 support

  • Service Monitoring on Nodes

  • Managing VPS Templates

  • Security Monitoring and Auditing Logs

  • Firewall Installation and Configuration

  • Control Panel Tweaks and Security Updates

  • VPS Creation/Start/Stop/Reboot Issues

  • VPS Backup/Restoration Issues

  • VPS Actions like Log Pruning, Resource Setting Issues

  • Installation/Configuration sysstat, iotop, iftop utilities, ntp, nodewatch monitoring of nodes