Virtualizor is a VPS Management Panel that supports number of different Virtualization techniques such as OpenVZ, XEN Para virtualization, XEN HVM and Linux-KVM virtualization. This control panel maintains a WHMCS Module for the automation of Creating VPS and managing VPS through WHMCS ticketing or billing tool.

Our Support Services Includes

  • Installing Master/Slave Nodes, Configuration and integration into Virtualizor

  • Hardware Node and Virtual Machine Management

  • Security Updates and Patches

  • Migration of Nodes and Virtual Machines

  • Create, Remove, List, Edit, Import Virtual Machines

  • Automatic and Manual Import of Virtual Machines

  • Configuring Bridge Networks

  • Creation of IP Pools and Addition of IPs

  • User Management – Add, List, Remove, Edit users

  • ISO Management – Add, Remove ISO

  • OS Templates – Add, Edit, Remove OS Templates

  • Tweak Kernel Configuration

  • Clustering Feature Assistance

  • Network Feature Assistance – Create IP Pools, IPv6 Support