CakePHP – Developing Applications

CakePHP is an open source web-application rapid development framework and it is written in php. It was started in April 2005. CakePHP perform a lot of tasks automatically, like generating a web-form from database tables -with all validation rules- , Integrating ajax, creating sophisticated method without compromising with security or application performance. […]

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War on Remote File Inclusion exploits

Picture this – Your server is running fine all  these days. Low load. Low bandwidth. Happy Customers. And the next day, everything goes haywire. High bandwidth being reported by NOC. Customers’ website getting hacked. You start receiving emails complaining about port scans being executed from your server. You get frustrated by all these. [...]

2009-05-21T10:04:25+05:30May 21st, 2009|Server Administration, Uncategorized|Comments Off on War on Remote File Inclusion exploits
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