Zpanel is a freely available control panel which can be used with both Microsoft Windows and Linux servers.

Our Support Services Includes

  • Server Management

  • Initial Server Setups

  • Service Upgrades

  • Account Management

  • PHP and Apache Compilation with Advanced Modules

  • Control Panel Upgrades and Support

  • SSL Certificate Installations

  • Weekly System Updates

  • Basic Support of Standard Third Party Software

  • Security Enhancement Tools

  • Server Migrations and Data Restoration

  • Backup Restorations and Database Restorations

  • Server Recovery via Remote IPMI/KVM Access

  • Complete Data Restore from Backups

  • Tracking Spam using Server Logs

  • Security Log Analysis

Our Monitoring Services Includes

  • Host Monitoring using Ping

  • HTTP Service Monitoring

  • Website URL Monitoring

  • Interval Checks at 5 Minute Intervals

  • Email Service and Mail Queue Alerts

  • Datacenter Communication via Emails or Livechat for Immediate Assistance

  • Monitoring of Basic Services – SSH, FTP, DNS, MySQL etc