For any Parallels Plesk supported OS, let it be any linux or Microsoft Windows distributions, our system administrators are available 24×7 to provide you with support assistance. Parallels Plesk is found to be more flexible, fast and reliable with an impressive panel. Migrations from one panel to other is made possible with this and is commonly used in windows servers.

Our Support Service Includes

  • Initial Server Setups
  • Plesk Installation

  • Service Upgrades

  • Account Management

  • PHP/Apache Compilation with Advanced Modules

  • IIS Administration

  • ASP.Net and ASP Components

  • Mail Server Setup

  • Plesk Upgrades

  • Components Upgrades

  • Backup Configurations

  • SSL Certificate Installations

  • IP Address Setups

  • Weekly Upgrades

  • MySQL/MSSQL Support

  • Coldfusion/Lucee Support

  • Server Migrations and Data Restoration

  • Backup Restorations and Database restorations

  • Server Recovery via Remote IPMI/KVM access

  • Complete Data Restore from Backup

  • Tracking Spam using Qmail, Postfix, Smartermail Server Logs

  • Regular Pruning of Logs

  • Security Log Analysis

Our Monitoring Services Includes

  • Host Monitoring using Ping

  • HTTP Service Monitoring

  • Website URL Monitoring

  • Interval Checks at 5 Minute Intervals

  • Email Service and Mail Queue Alerts

  • Datacenter Communication via Emails or Livechat for Immediate Assistance

  • Further basic services – SSH, FTP, DNS, MySQL, MSSQL etc