ISPConfig is a freely available open source control panel in Linux which is stable and secured panel for multiple servers. They comes with specialty to get access to manage one or more servers from one control panel.

Our Support Services Includes

  • Server Management

  • Initial Server Setups

  • Service Upgrades

  • Account Management

  • PHP and Apache Compilation with Advanced Modules

  • Control Panel Upgrades and Support

  • SSL Certificate Installations

  • Weekly System Updates

  • Basic Support of Standard Third Party Software

  • Security Enhancement Tools

  • Server Migrations and Data Restoration

  • Backup Restorations and Database Restorations

  • Server Recovery via Remote IPMI/KVM Access

  • Complete Data Restore from Backups

  • Tracking Spam using Server Logs

  • Security Log Analysis

Our Monitoring Services Includes

  • Host Monitoring using Ping

  • HTTP Service Monitoring

  • Website URL Monitoring

  • Interval Checks at 5 Minute Intervals

  • Email Service and Mail Queue Alerts

  • Datacenter Communication via Emails or Livechat for Immediate Assistance

  • Monitoring of Basic Services – SSH, FTP, DNS, MySQL etc