cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel used by web hosting companies. When it comes to cpanel server management, Xieles Support is the best server management provider that you can trust. Continuous monitoring of the servers is the key to keep it healthy and issue-free. We install monitoring elements in your website to keep it monitored 24×7. We monitor for server load, memory usage, CPU usage, storage space, storage degrade warnings, processes and services etc. We will get alerted if any of these issues happen. Our server technicians are available 24×7 to get to the bottom of it and fix the issue right away. We guarantee a reaction time of 10 minutes for all monitoring alerts.

The cpanel server management also comes with initial server hardening, weekly security check and upgrades, 24×7 server monitoring, 10 minute reaction time for monitoring alerts, 30 minutes response time for tickets and 6 hour resolution time for tickets.


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