Amazon AWS Manager Addon For WHMCS

Amazon AWS Manager Addon for WHMCS simply the management of AWS instances of your customers. You can view all the instances under your AWS account and do basic operations like Start, Stop and Terminate.

Installation and configuration

  1. Download the file and extract it to the addons folder of your whmcs installation. Usually this folder will be in the in path WHMCS_INSTALL_DIRECTORY/modules/addons
  2. Go to WHMCS admin panel and navigate to Configuration > Systems Settings  > Addon Modules
  3. You will see the addon Amazon AWS Manager in the list of installed addon. ( If the module is not listed, please ensure that the folder name is amazon_aws_manager and there is necessary permission for your web server to access the files. )
  4. Activate the addon and click on Configure
  5. Enter the AWS Access Key ID and AWS Secret Access Key of your AWS User. ( For security reasons, you are advised to create a new IAM user with AmazonEC2FullAccess privilege. For more information about creating IAM user, please read )
  6. Choose the administrator role groups to permit access to this module.
  7. Click Save Changes
  8. Navigate to Addons > Amazon AWS Manager and you will see the addon in action.


amazon aws manager