While as critically important as web and network security has become today, many organizations still remain reluctant towards it. And, these are also the organizations who are more prone to cyber-attacks. A large part of their averseness comes from the cost that cybersecurity brings. Another reason is the lack of required information and awareness.

Website Vulnerability Scanner promises to resolve both the problems.

What Is It?

Coming from the house of Xieles, Website Vulnerability Scanner is one-of-a-kind FREE service that scans web applications for over 4,500 vulnerabilities. Quick, easy-to-use and accurate, it is everything that businesses require to have their web presence completely safe and secured.

Built using advanced XtremeScan technologies, the scan is performed by a custom-written security scanner that’s developed by our in-house team of white-hat hackers. It scans open-source software and custom-built application, returning with a wide variety of technical and compliance report.

Our Scanner can detect over 4,500 vulnerabilities on your target server with 100 percent accuracy. Using an updated signature database that contains specific request to identify unique server-side vulnerabilities, it relies on various other techniques. Such scans, even with the significant amount of HTTPS request sent to the target server to probe individual signature from the database, are quick, passive and non-intrusive.

The Website Vulnerability Scanner is fully compatible with WordPress, scanning WordPress websites end-to-end, from the core to themes and plugins. Also, its simple Authentication Request Recorder further adds to its functionality, allowing automatic scanning of password-protected areas.

Why Do You Need It?

At a time when cybercriminals are using brute force and cutting-edge practices to intrude and exploit even the safest of servers, just having an SSL certificate and firewall isn’t sufficient today. It is predicted that the average cost of a data breach will exceed $150 million by 2020.

To counter this epidemic problem, it is important that organizations take proactive measures at the security end of their web and network. Our Website Vulnerability Scanner supplements this, helping them a spot (and fix) loopholes in their IT infrastructure. It’s adept to scan web applications for 4,500 vulnerabilities and return with an intensive PDF report. You always remain safe and at the top of your game.

And The Best Part…

Website Vulnerability Scanner is a FREE service. It doesn’t require any download or installation. It’s quick, powerful and super-easy to use.

So, keep your web applications and network safe from all the malicious attacks. Shield it by taking the right steps. Bank on the power of Website Vulnerability Scanner – bank on another incredible offering of Xieles.

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