To counter the rising threat of cyber attacks and web vulnerabilities, Xieles introduces a free-to-use Website Vulnerability Scanner to help business owners stay at the top of their game at the security end.

In its continuous pursuit to redefine the digital space, Xieles has introduced a one-of-a-kind Website Vulnerability Scanner that provides seamless scanning of web applications for over 4500 vulnerabilities. The service is free to use. This is yet another step for this fast-emerging digital solution provider that commits to not just offer quality services but also vision safe internet for everyone.

On the back of its advanced and end-to-end services, Xieles has emerged to be one of the fastest growing digital service providers in India. The company caters both B2B and B2C segments with its wide-spanning solutions that include server management, web hosting support, web application development, search engine optimization, and cyber security analysis. It also offers a range of ready-to-use products – the latest one, Website Vulnerability Scanner, adds to that list.

Website Vulnerability Scanner from Xieles is a free service that scans web applications for 4500+ vulnerabilities. The automated scan is fast and easy-to-use, performed by custom scripts that are developed by the in-house, white-hat hackers at the company. Providing intensive technical and compliance of various varieties, Website Vulnerability Scanner doesn’t require any download or installation. It uptakes the best of cloud computing to redefine web security.

Assuring 100 percent accuracy in detecting critical vulnerabilities, the free service of Xieles serves websites, open-source software, and custom-built applications. The Website Vulnerability Scanner employs advanced technologies, like XtremeScan to provide all-around security auditing.

Xieles has created one of the most advanced scanners that pack power on every vertical. It is quick, accurate and user-friendly. And the best part is that the service is absolutely free to use. We want everyone to be serious about web security. Our cybersecurity analysis solution is industry acclaimed. Now we have free Website Vulnerability Scanner. In our quest for safer internet, expect more such incredible products and initiatives in the coming future.

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